Digital Twin 디지털 트윈

A virtual representation of a physical asset enabled through data and simulators for real-time prediction, optimization, monitoring, controlling, and improved decision making.*

디지털 트윈은 데이터 및 시뮬레이션을 이용하여 실시간 예측, 최적화, 모니터링을 하고 제어 및 의사 결정에 도움을 주는 물리적 자산의 가상화된 표현입니다.

* A. Rasheed et al.(2020) - IEEE Access

8 Value of digital twin

A. Real-time remote monitoring and control

Monitor & control remotely using feedback mechanisms.

B. Greater efficiency and safety

Enable greater autonomy with humans in the loop as and when required.

C. Predictive maintenance and scheduling

Can detected faults in the system in advance.

D. Scenario and risk assessment

Enable “What-if” analyses(digital sibling) resulting in better risk assessment.

E. Better intra- and inter-team synergy and collaborations

With greater autonomy, teams can better utilize their time in improving synergies.

F. More efficient and informed decision support system

Availability of quantitative data and advanced analytics in real-time will assist informed & faster decision making.

G. Personalization of products and services

Allow faster and smoother gear shifts to account for changing needs.

H. Better documentation and communication

Readily available information in real-time combined with automated reporting.

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